About Rowan

Rowan is building modern computational tools to accelerate chemical innovation. We believe there is unmet demand for well-engineered chemistry software and that better tools are one of the most effective ways to drive scientific progress. We’re also optimistic about the ability of small, for-profit companies to complement existing scientific institutions.

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Image of Corin Wagen

Corin Wagen

Founder, CEO

Before Rowan, Corin was a graduate student in the Jacobsen Lab at Harvard (PhD 2023) and studied chemistry at MIT (BS 2019). Corin started Rowan to build the tools he wanted during his time in academia.

Image of Ari Wagen

Ari Wagen

Founder, CFO

Ari is interested in studying and building institutions that drive progress. Previously, Ari attended Northeastern (BS 2023).

Image of Eli Mann

Eli Mann

Founder, Head of Machine Learning

Before joining Rowan, Eli worked on equivariant transporter networks with the Helping Hands Lab at Northeastern, interned at Amazon, and studied CS at SMU (BA 2023).